Does it feel like your house is getting smaller?  Are you kids accumulating more stuff?  Is your teenager demanding a room of her own?  Has your college grad returned to the nest?  Are you looking to provide space for your elderly parent?  Whatever the case may be, the solution to your space problem could be right under your feet.  A basement remodel can give you the much needed space that you are currently lacking.

Basement Remodel

On average, your basement is about 600 to 800 square feet.  Normally a family uses a basement as a makeshift laundry room, home office or simply for storage.  Basically, your basement is underused.  Here are some things to think about for a basement remodel:

  • You do not have to worry about new footings or structural loads.
  • Utilities such as water, electricity, gas and sewer lines are usually close at hand which reduces costs.
  • Heating and cooling loads are moderately light for basements.
  • Basements nearly always have stairs that lead to them which is not the case for attics which are also popular candidates for house expansions.


There are some challenges to converting a basement.  This area of the house is subject to water and moisture, which can cause mold and mildew.  A few other issues are:

  • Natural lighting is limited.
  • Overhead pipes and ductwork can be challenging.
  • If a bathroom wasn’t built in the basement during construction, your toilet may have to flush up.