Bathroom Remodeling

A bathroom remodel is a bit of a tricky space to complete due to it cramped quarters and the volumes of water that can be unleashed at a moment’s notice.  But when the remodel is completed, you will be rewarded with years of pleasure and comfort.  So, before you get set for the remodel, you should set a budget.  Also, think about what sink, countertop and toilet is right for the space you have to work with.

Good Ideas for Bathroom Remodel

Investing in a bathroom remodel adds value to your home as well as saves you money on energy and water.  Choosing items such as the countertops and sink are just a start to the remodel.  A few other items you should consider prior to beginning the remodel would be:

Budget for the unexpected

Hidden water damage is a common issue in bathrooms.  This may be from a leaky shower or a running toilet.  Rule of thumb: if the floor feels spongy, there is probably a water leak.  Other issues can also arise such as a vent stack that is inside a wall that you planned to knock down.

Hide the toilet

Hiding the toilet lends a sense of discreetness to the room while not impeding on it style.  Hiding the toilet in a room-within-the-room or behind a half wall are possibilities. 

Choosing the counter-tops

Granite and quartz have drifted from the kitchen and into the bathroom.  They still add the same sense of durability as well as visual interest.  Laminate and solid surfaces are still popular and cost-effective choices, although they both scratch easily.

Splurge on the shower

The days of taking baths is virtually over.  Not many people actually use them!  That space is now being used to create larger showers that may feature his and her showerheads, body sprays and sometimes even steam generators.

Water efficiency should be considered

Over recent years showerheads, toilets and faucets have all become more water-efficient.  Think about a low-flow showerhead that has a flow of about 2.5 gallons a minute.  For toilets, check that it only uses about 1.28 gallons per flush.

Room on the vanity

Grooming is the main task at a vanity, so why add two sinks?  Think about maximizing the countertop space.

Adequate ventilation and lighting

Moisture breeds mold and mildew, but also takes its toll on finishes and painted surfaces.  Your best defense is a bathroom fan.  As for lighting, a ceiling fixture is suitable for general lighting, but it casts shadows on your face in the vanity.  For this reason you should think about sconces or vertical fixtures that are mounted on either side of the vanity.