When you begin thinking about building a new house, many questions start swirling around in your head.  Where to start?  Where should I check for a construction loan?  Where do I find floor plans?  Where to build?  Ratti Builders is here to aid in the answering of the most common.  Give us a call for those that you do not see here and our hard working, established team can help you out!

Q: How long does it usually take to build a home?

A:  Depending upon the weather, we can normally have your new home built in approximately 4 months, depending on the size and nature of the house plans.  These items can be discussed further in a pre-construction meeting.

Q: Can I work directly with the builder without having to go through a realtor?

A:  You can hire your own builder and work directly with them.  But, if you are already working with a realtor prior to deciding to build, you should probably continue working with the realtor as a liaison between you and the builder.

Q: I don’t have a house plan yet, but have a good idea as to what I want. Should I go ahead and make a decision on the house plan before seeking a location to build upon?

A:  That would be a good choice to make because the placement of your new home on the chosen land is key to discovering whether the home plans you have chosen will work or not.

Q: I now have my floor plan and I am ready to start looking for home sites. I have a certain area that I want to live in. Should I find out what my available in my price range?

A:  Yes, in conjunction with your lender.  Knowing what your total prince range is approved at, there is a limit to what you should spend on a lot.

Q: I have found my lot. Now what do I do?

A:  You will make an offer on the lot, with a contingency that the lot is approved for septic/sewer use and contingent upon the construction contract being signed with your home builder. You will schedule a meeting with your builder for a pre-construction meeting, where you will make any changes to the floor plans, discuss your specifications, and the builder will give you a quote for building your home. This normally takes approximately a week before the builder will contact you to discuss the pricing, and to schedule the final meeting prior to the beginning of construction. At this meeting you will approve the floor plans and specifications, and sign the contract with your builder.

Q: I have several changes that I want to make to the home plans, and there are specific things that I would like to have in the home; when will I be able to tell the house builders about these items?

A:  Before you meet with your house builder at the pre-construction meeting, make sure that you have all items written down, and a marked up copy of the home plans to share with the builder. Any changes at all can drive up the cost of the home, so be prepared to discuss these changes at the pre-construction meeting.

Q: After I sign the contract, how long will it be before the builder can start construction?

A:  It usually takes about 2 weeks for the builder to get the building permit from the local building inspector’s office. The builder also has to get the foundation scheduled with his subcontractor, so it normally is around 4 weeks from the signing of the contract before construction begins, although sometimes it can be sooner.

Q: What if I decide I want to make a change during construction?

A:  This happens quite often. House builders call this a “change order”. Once it is established what the requested change is, the contractor will quote you a price in writing, and normally, expects payment of that change prior to making the change. Most customers do experience this during construction, and it is not unusual to have 3-5 change orders during the building. Each change order will be in writing, and will be sequentially numbered for your records.

Q: How will I know when to choose flooring, paint, light fixtures, appliances, etc.?

A:  Your builder will keep you posted and give you notice as to when you will need to have these items picked out.