Home siding is a material used to cover the exterior walls of a house. It provides a protective layer to the walls and helps insulate the building, while also serving as a decorative element. There are several types of home siding materials available.  Consult with Ratti Builders to find the best option for your home.

Home Siding Process


Ratti Builders offers several brands of vinyl siding, such as Monogram®.  This brand of siding is .046″ thick and has a 25-year warranty, including flooding.  We offer this kind of siding in Dual 4″ or 5″.


The surface of the walls must be cleaned, and any damaged or rotted wood must be repaired. The walls must also be leveled and smoothed to ensure a proper fit for the siding.


The contractor will measure the walls to determine the amount of siding needed, taking into account any cuts or adjustments that must be made.


The siding panels are cut to the correct size and shape, taking into account any windows, doors, or other openings in the walls.

Installing underlayment

A moisture barrier, such as tar paper or building wrap, is applied to the walls to protect against moisture and air infiltration.

Hanging the siding

The siding panels are attached to the walls using nails or screws, starting at the bottom of the wall and working upwards. The siding panels are interlocked and sealed at the edges to prevent moisture from entering the building.


Trim is applied around windows, doors, and other openings to cover the gap between the siding and the building structure.

Final inspection

A Ratti Builders contractor will inspect the siding to make sure it is installed correctly and securely, with no gaps or leaks.

Siding installation requires specialized skills and equipment, so it’s important to use a professional and experienced siding contractor at Ratti Builders to ensure that the job is performed correctly. The type of siding, the age and construction of the building, and local building codes will influence the specific steps and materials used in the siding installation process.